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green spider letter to president and governors

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 Your  Excellency, 
Alh/Dr/Mr/Mrs/Chief/Gen   ABC XYZ   . GCFR                                  Ref :  GSAN /15/vol.1/6-01xxx
The President ,  Federal Republic of Nigeria                                         Date :  June 2,  2015
Presidential  Villa,  Abuja

The security situation in our dear country Nigeria has become unstable and the country is currently facing crisis situation occasioned by deep corruption, terrorist activities in various parts of the country and lately our peaceful capital Abuja. The consequence is overstretching various security agencies and organs of government and private concerns.

The  Green  Spider Awareness Network is the OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT OF OPERATIONS STANDUP for GOOD GOVERNANCE (OSGG), a self-accounting MOVEMENT,  designed by well meaning and patriotic Nigerians, to assist in information gathering, processing, and sharing, with a view to making same available to relevant security organs / agencies which the Presidency and Governors are  key stakeholders,  for timely intervention and action.                                                                               
The action and reaction of our services have self appraisal & actualization  mechanism

The network has been setup to focus on the following:

  1. Presidential/Governor  Private information Feedback Channel
  2. Public assisted mechanism for good governance and watchdog, using  Toll-Free 4-digits telephone call.
  3. Security education and awareness programs
  4. Intelligence gathering, filtering and monitoring of activities, in neighborhoods, security threat areas/zones and states/communities, where terrorism, kidnapping, armed robbery, rape, etc are prevalent.
  5. Illegal arms possession, drug abuse amongst other areas of security threats concern.
  6. Reduction in Corruption, Stealing and Bad Governance in all tiers of administration  nation-wide, private & public.

Presently, we are collaborating with all well meaning Nigerians who cherish good governance and democracy, using under-cover channels, to mine and harvest latent and tangible information about human odd activities nationwide. We have decided to compliment the  efforts of your good-self, our president,  His/Her Excellency,    Mr/Mrs/Alh/Rev./Gen/Chief/Dr XXX , to  dispense democratic empirical benefits and advance our scale in  Human  Quality Index [HQI]  in Nigeria,  within the time frame, the almighty God has granted you, in office.

We have disciplined, matured and skilled professionals  in the network , who have  stake  in a better and peaceful Nigeria and  are ready  to  avail your office , our services in  concealed  intelligence report ,  thereby , be a private watchdog and volunteer prosecutors of the guilty if necessary, over the general “ACTIVITIES” of all working/active Nigerians and other citizens doing business in Nigeria including -: The Presidency itself, Legislators, Judiciary, Civil  & Security agencies , Public servants, private establishments and foreigners  in all  areas  of human activities , including but not limited to corrupt conducts, stealing, security and illegal activities.

In view of above, we are soliciting your approval to highlight our activities and seek your approval to be our Grand Patron, solicit and support our services, and thereafter formally launch it.

     Yours sincerely,

     For: Green Spider Awareness Network (GSAN)


     Mr/ Mrs/Dr xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

     Chief Executive Partner.






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