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National Executive





Seven (7) member life-Patrons have been divinely nominated to hold  the mantle of light and leadership in OSGG for Nigeria and Nigerians  

to navigate and free ourselves of these two evil vices called CORRUPTON & STEALING.                                                                                            

Note – The names and profile of each patron is being compiled for public view soonest. 
Executive Chairman
Executive Secretary
Executive Partner- (Green Spider A-Network)
Executive Director Quarterly Report - ( Executive Office Post )
Executive Director Quarterly Report - ( Judiciary & Social/Civil Security Duty Post )
Administration Director
Planning Director
Finance Director
Publicity, Information & Social Media Director
Security Director
Welfare Director
Logistics & Supply Director
Technical & IT Director

PROFILE - Executive Chairman

  Engr.[dr] Odigie  George Okpataku   
                                      Executive Chairman – OSGG  National HQ, Abuja.
                                 Managing Partner/ CEO - Blue George Consult [West Africa]

Name – Engr.  Odigie George Okpataku  [ Nigerian]
State of Origin – Edo
Language spoken – Esan Language, English, Little Hausa, Ibo and Yoruba
Marital Status – Married with Children
Profession – Electrical, Telecoms and IP Multi-media Engineering
Contact:  +234(0)8091465860.
Email: gookpataku@bluegeorge-ng.com, website - www.bluegeorge-ng.com                                           
I graduated from Auchi Polytechnic, Nigeria with Higher National Diploma in Electronics/Telecoms Engineering  in 1981, NYSC 1982. I also obtained BSc. degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Lagos in 1995 while in active work operations in NITEL.  MBA (Technology Mgt) from Ogun State University in 1999 and MSc IT(Information Technology) from Federal University of Technology Akure (CETEP 2001), all in Nigeria. Doctor of Business Administration (DBA-Information System Mgt) in-view at Walden University – USA .

Deputy General Manager (DGM) – MTEL Engineering Network Planning Dept.
General Manager -- Special Projects Planning in NITEL subsidiary mobile company     [ MTEL] before voluntary retirement in 2006.

I had various local and international training with certificates in diverse fields ( Satellite technology, fiber optics, IP engineering, GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, UMTS, GPRS- Wray Castle Academy, London UK, Microwave Radio networks, network traffic management, multi-media broadcast, electric power generation ,Transmission & distribution etc.)

The Bold active initiator of Due Process of Evaluation to FGN in 2002    [now Bureau for Public Procurement] by liaising with BPE and Presidency Budget Office  to reduce and save a Federal government project  by $25million through the introduction of a paradigm shift called Due Process. The first FGN contract to be stopped and returnedfor re-evaluation after Executive council approval.

Rejected twenty-one million Naira (N21m) bribe to compromise the scope of work and technical specification of NITEL GSM Project (MTEL) as DGM Planning by a contractor.

    1. By divine grace and God’s protection, survived several attempts to sack me and dangerously harm me by criminals.

International Work Experience and Challenges

    1. He worked briefly with AT&T Satellite Earth Stations ( Etam & Roaring Creek, Bloomsburg ) USA 1995

– 1) Establishing new international Voice & Data trunk routes .
- 2) International traffic analysis via Satellite & Submarine Optical Cable.
- 3) Wireless network optimization and  Network Quality of Service [QoS]
- 4) Classes A,B,C&D Satellite earth Station Noise and Sun interference forecast.

    1. INTELSAT trainee, Washington USA1995.

 –  1) IDR & TDMA worldwide Burst Time Planning.

    1. 2) Research on Satellite Space segment and orbital sun interference
    2.  Member ITU-Radio Advisory Group, Geneva Switzerland 2000. 
    3.   1) Defended the Electronic media [Tv&Radio] Africa Region Allocated Broadcast Frequency spectrum

2)  Initiated talks on Global Traffic nodes to reduce traffic cost and establishment  of sub-regional cluster inter- network switching centers within each continent to maximize  international traffic bandwidth and cost.

    1.  Member - Nigerian Telecoms foreign investors drive- World Trade Center-   New York, USA.  NIPC-2000

 - 1) Representative of Ministry of Communications and NITEL.
 - 2) Worked as a planning committee member [Telecoms sector] and galvanizing support for the GSM  methodology and cost.
 Nigerian Representative  in Africa ICT workshop, Addis Ababa. [UN-ECA 2001]  Committee on Development Information [ CODI-2001]. Ph.D   Research work in Information Technology (IT) Highway and Terminal Infrastructures/Equipment [ laptops & Handsets] -- ( China 2002).

NITEL representative  and Committee member Review of  NIGERSAT-1, Satellite Payload design project 2002 of National Space Research and Development Agency [NASRDA], Ministry of Science and Technology.


I am  a registered full member of various professional bodies including-:
-Nigerian Society of Engineers (MNSE)
-Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria ( COREN )
-Nigerian Institute of Management ( MNIM )
-Member Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (MIEEE)

-Full member – International Society of doctors of Natural Sciences & Justice (dr ) 


  1.    Consultancy services  at  Blue George Consult[WA]  and  OBEHI – RHO Nig Ltd to  National Assembly , 3-Arms zone, FCT-Abuja
PROJECT – Design and Establishment of NASS Multi-media Television and Radio Station   consultancy Services .        website –www.bluegeorge-ng.com/cosultancy

2.  -ICT Consultancy services to the Hon. Minister of Information & Communication 2010

3. Free  Consultancy  Proposal  to INEC on Planning, methods and Joint-Security on 2011 Nigeria political general elections.

4. Training contract of Nigeria Police Force (Men and Women)  on Computer Technology and Application with emphasis on   Criminal Data Base Techniques  .

5. Man power Developing in Training Academy  in West Africa
    (Blue George Technology Academy)     Website - www.bluegeorge-ng.com