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This is a big challenge to our country, am happy at last some people have decided to take the bull ( corruption & stealing ) by the horn. God will help us to succeed IJMN. amen Francis Uruk, Loc.- Nigeria, Nov. 12, 2015
If there is a will , there must be a way. This twin evil C&S must stop for our country to grow. i will support OSGG with 1000 teeshirts as i have filled in the donor list for my state- Delta Dr (Mrs) Francisca Okoh, Loc.- Nigeria, Nov. 20. 2015
omon i no believe say naija go better again, but after going thro dis website, it will be well with us the youths and hope dey tank baba God bobo jonny, Loc,- Nigeria, Nov. 28, 2015
Fantastic job. this is a practical way to handle this evil called corruption. i will pray this wednesday prayers to save my country. Rev. Samson O., Loc.- Ghana, Dec.2, 2015
Haba at last i can see hope for my children in good society without C&S. I will pay $1000 into OSGG Zenith bank acct to print flyers in my state Kano. Too much stealing in Nigeria. Malam Seidu Mohammad, Loc.- UK, Dec. 8, 2015
Too God be thy glory, this is going to happen in my life time. I like your courage and i volunteer to join this crusade to stop corruption and staeling in Nigeria. I will support with 10,000 wrist bands for your National headquarters, Abuja as in the donor list. Pastor Yohanna John, Loc.- Nigeria, Dec. 20, 2015
I will work for the Green spider Awareness network. That is real tackle against C&S. Seal Aremu, Loc.- Nigeria, Jan. 4, 2015
This is a welcome idea. i have decided to print 5000 tee shirts and polo shirts for my state Ogun state in indicated in the donors list items. Elder Joshua Okemu, Loc.- Nigeria, Jan. 26, 2015
I feel great to know there are people with great courage to tackle this menance called C & S in Nigeria. I will pray the Wednesday prayers no matter how it will affect those who continue in the evil of C & S. God will bless us and protect us in this battle. Hajia Jumia Hamisu. Loc.- Nigeria, Feb. 6, 2015
Fellow Nigerians, this is the first place where i seen corruption and stealing defined aptly for all to understand. The most important aspect of osgg to me is the quarterly report of GSAN on how C&S people can be captured and naked to the public. i will work for the green-spider to achieve this with sharp camera fone to take exhibit payment vouchers and forward to GSAN for direct prosecution. ICPC and EFCC have failed because they are instruments of every govt. in power to haunt only opposing enemies of that govt. in power. Now it direct power to the people. All youths in this country called Nigeria must rise and standup for our tomorrow that will be free of C&S. C C, Loc.- Nigeria, Feb. 6, 2015
I standup for osgg. We the good people of Nigeria are ready to support this challenge. Pls who are the patrons, so we followers can know our leaders. I work for the Nigerian military but seriously feel bad that corruption has damaged the image of good Nigerians worldwide. Col. S.B., Loc.- Nigeria, Feb.6, 2015
I went through this website and could not believe how detailed the OSGG members have marshaled out how to tackle the twin evil vices plaguing our country can be reduced and finally stopped. I have txfered $1000 to OSGG acct for printing of teeshirts as filled out in the donors item list. God bless Nigeria and i will join the every Wednesday prayers here in Italy. I will give publicity to this website. Stev Izeze, Loc.- Italy, Feb.7, 2015
If a military man can join in the war against corruption and stealing , then water "don pass garri". There is hope for a better Nigeria. Pastor Adams Ogehi, Loc.- Nigeria, Feb. 7, 2015
It will be well with the leaders f osgg. God will protect you people as stand to fight the battle agaist C&S. I will support actively. Mrs Mabel Uroro, Loc.- Nigeria, Feb. 8, 2015
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