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This is a welcome idea. I hope it will be supported by the masses. James Okemu, Loc.- Nigeria. Feb.8, 2015

Please note when you fight corruption, the evil forces of corruption will fight you back. I read the profile of the Executive Chairman in the National Executive member file. I see a man with integrity leading this fight. If God has protected you this far, then you have the divine protection to succeed in this crusade. Please count on my support in this fight against C&S in Nigeria. I will work as a GSAN informant and financial assistance to print 20,000 wrist-band for youths in Delta state.

David Emevon, Loc.- Nigeria. Feb.10, 2015
Please kindly publish the names of your patrond, it will help to capture the mindset of well meaning Nigerians who have been waiting for this bold actions to stop C&S. I will be glad to read your first quarter report of the Executive and Social security dutypost performance across the nation. That way , they will know that the freedom of information bill (FOI act) has power and is working. No more hinding place for thieves. Rev Jess Kolo, Loc.- Nigeria. Feb. 12, 2015
Pls when will u launch dis osgg in my state, Abia state. The C&S going on der is too much. Chuka S., Loc.- Nigeria. Feb. 12, 2015
Please sir, is this osgg fight going to be sustained, will this government allow it to work ? You know govt. officials and security officials are the beneficiaries of corruption and stealing in Nigeria. I pray God help you people to succeed. Mrs Anna Oke. Loc.- Nigeria. Feb. 13, 2015
Allah will protect the members of osgg. We can not continue this way. C&S must stop in Nigeria. I must vote to bring in a new government that will stop Corruption. Alhaji Usman Bello, Loc. Nigeria. Feb. 13, 2015
How am i sure you people will not be corrupt later. This is how LASMA and WAI officials started but now "egonje don spoil lagos". Eko oni baje o. Yinusa Waheed, Loc.- Nigeria. Feb. 14, 2015
I feel the air of relief knowing that there are still intelligent and courageous Nigerians alive who are prepared to fight C&S in this end time. I pray almighty Jehova will grant this movement wisdom and supprt to succeed to overcome in Jesus name. Pst Denis kong, Loc. Nigeria. Feb.16, 2015
Fighting C&S anywhere in the world is no kids games. So you guys must be prepared. I pray you succeed in Nigeria. I feel bad about what people say about my country Nigerians here in New York. Dr Chika Okoh, Loc.- USA. Feb. 17, 2015
O yea, is this niaja for real. so this country fit beta one day. well we the youths are behind this movement. we cannot support you financially but we are ready to wear the tee shirts to drive the message to every home. C&S must stop for naija to grow like Ghana & SA Josy jnr, Loc.- Nigeria. Feb. 17, 2015
I was directed to this website by my daughter. After going through again and again for 3days, i feel bold to say, there is hope Nigeria and Nigerians.i have sent out emails and text msgs to friends and relations in diaspora and at home, to join hands with OSGG movement to save our country from this twin evils of corruption and massive stealing in high and low quarters. i have instucted my children and all others i know diaspora to key into this movement with every material support as listed in donors item list. i will send twenty(20) laptops to OSGG head office to boost the Quarterly Report. Dr Johnson Adekola, Loc.- UK. Feb.17, 2015
Green spider you have my support to give evidence report and te boldness to stop such persons to occupy public offices again. This fight must be won otherwise dogs will start eating dogs nationwide. it is because of C&S that Baba and Pickin are fighting without shame in Nigeria. I will always pray the OSGG Wednesday prayers. God will punish, disgrace and destroy them one by one. Deacon Jonathan Lemu, Loc.-Nigeria. Feb. 17, 2015
I pray Allah allow you people succed. C&S is evil and your every wednesday prayers is well supported. I will donate 1000 teeshirts to my LGA. Hajia Binta Biu, Loc.- Nigeria. Feb. 18, 2015
I have taken special interest in reading previous comments but is seems no boby has taken notice of your letter to the incoming President and Governors to support your movement and actions to stop C&S in Nigeria. I pray the right persons become president and governors by May 29, 2015. God bless Nigeria and bless OSGG movement IJMN, amen alleluya alleluya alleluya Jesu. Apostle Methew Odera, Loc.- Ghana. Feb. 18, 2015
Whyis the Nigerian press in Tv, Radio and Newspaper organizations in Nigeria not supporting this crusade by high lighting this movement to every Nigerian. I am not surprise, they need brown envolpe abi. They are agents of C&S. They know how to close their mouth and eyes if the get their share of C&S, but will shout widely of C&S if they are no settled. yeye de smell for our country. God help and bless OSGG. Rtd Sgt. Yohana, Loc.- Nigeria, Feb. 18, 2015
Where are the youth vanguard in Nigeria. This is our fight. we must all actively support OSGG with our talents and actions - Actors/Actresses, Musicians, students, youth corpers etc. wakeup and let us all standup for OSGG. Bobo Kay, Loc.- Nigeria, Feb. 19, 2015
Pls i read about the 7 divine selected patrons of osgg. who are thses people that will hold the touch light for us to free ourselves of c&s. Let us know of these leaders, so we can likewise stand boldly as follwers. Your GSAN list of Board of Trustees is perfect for the work of Green spider. I hope the incoming govt will suppot this fantastic ideas and actions to bring down c&s in Nigeria. God bless us all amen. Kingsley Haruna, Loc.- Nigeria, Feb. 19, 2015
Please note my advice. If you fight corruption, corruption will fight you back as a shadow. But if you fight stealing, it is easy to disgrace that person as stated by our president in the last media chart. Anyway, i will be a GSAN informant. C&S must stop in Nigeria. Sister J. Okoroafor, Loc.- Nigeria. Feb.19, 2015
Please sir I want to know why my comment has not appeared since 2 weeks now. Is it bicos i was comparing PDP and APC as it concerns stealing and corruption practicesin Nigeria ?. Pls kindly publish my lenghty and educating comment for every Nigerian to read. Pst Solo Godswill, Loc.- Nigeria. Feb. 20, 2015
Wahala dey too much for naija make una take it jeje. chop chop will not finish easily for naija. anyway God dey. Sule, Loc.- Nigeria. Feb. 20, 2015
God will help OSGG. I filled the donors list form and paid 50k into osgg acct as my suppot for the Quarterly report. I pleadge to be making this annual payment as long as live and pray the wednesday prayers. Dr Abdul Musa, Loc.- Nigeria. Feb. 20, 2015
Dear pst Solo Godswill, thank God your comment was not published. Do you think OSG is for political campaign. I do not know thw content of your comments. Pls let us team up to fight this menace called C&S. It is in every home, LGA, State, our Nation, political party, religion and workplace. God bless Nigeria Bro. Peter Onouha, Loc.- Nigeria. Feb. 20, 2015
No shaking this osgg must work. God punish devil and his agents of corruption and stealing Boy KK2, LOc.- Nigeria. Feb. 21, 2015
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