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This arrangement may look good but will the Judges not compromise and mess up this crusade ? When you give all evidences in prosecution and the verdict is "pay only N10,000 back for stealing N10,000,000,000". They go behind and share the balance. The for stoppage of C&S must start from the Judiciary. If they standby OSGG, even the President will thik twice before any wrong move or act with impunity or allow such to affect his image and administration. Nigerians commit C&S icos the Judiciary is weak. We have 3 tiers of governance in Nigeria, yet in our own eyes, with vehement impunity, the executive president went into the Judiciary and suspended the President of Court of Appeal. I bet you, the present Legislators in Nigeria will not allow such actions. Can you imagine, the executive President suspending the Deputy Senate President, it can not happen. The CJN (Chief Justice of Nigeria) sold the judiciary out to the executive. It is a shame and God forbid such persons or action happening in this Nigeria again- say amen. OSGG pls standup and stand firm, we will massively join you in the protest if that nonsence happens in this country again. Let the police and army shoot at us. enough is enough. C&S must stop in Nigeria. Bar AOK. Loc.-Nigeria. Feb. 22, 2015
If we can all unite and reduce C&S, if not total stoppage, ten child trafficing, armed robbery, kidnaping and other societal evil vices will reduce. The quality life of every Nigerian will improve and goods can be found cheaply and available. A few people (1%) in the past and presnt govt have benefited from C&S, while the majority (99%) are suffering. God will punish bad people ne by one. I will pray the Wednesday osgg prayers. Chief Okezie Orakwe, Loc.- Nigeria. Feb.22, 2015
My brother Bar. AOK, you did not exhuast that matter . You mean you were not in Nigeria when the Senate president close one eye so that police can invade the NASS and stop the number 4 citizen from performing his legitimate elected function ?. I took the courageous and knowledgeable HOR members to break the illegal barriers to keep the number 4 citizen back to his seat. C & S in capital letters have eaten up the conscience and common sence of our leaders. Allah will help this country Nigeria. Please OSGG must stand up and stand out to fight this battle with your strategies. I believe all will be well. Sa'ad BinAllah., Loc. - Nigeria. Feb. 25, 2015
This is good, please let us pull this action together. Ths scheme looks more practical to tackle corruption and reduce stealing by Quarterly report of their activities. Otedola Steve, Loc.- Nigeria. Feb. 27, 2015
I feel great knowing that OSGG has the practical solution to at least reduce stealing and corruption in the MDAs. God help us. Dr Sule Adamu, Loc.- Nigeria. Mar 2, 2015
I wish all Nigerians will support this movement of great minds to stop C & S. Pharm. Jerry Okoh, Loc.- Ghana. Mar 2, 2015
Hi folks, I know someday somebold guys will come up with ideas. Keep it up, our country Nigeria needs this tackle to be on the right track. No way , we can make progress in Africa with deep C&S with impunity. Leaders and followers are guilty. Let us make a forced change within us and live a better tomorrow. I have filled the donors items list accordingly and am sure my contribution will make little impact in my community in Ekiti state. Ray Aremu Jnr, Loc.- Canada. Mar 4, 2015
Honesty, i never imagined some people have this practicable ideas to bringdown corruption & stealing in Nigeria. I am your appostle of OSGG. Joe Okosisi. Loc.- Nigeria. Mar 6, 2015
All well meaning Nigerians should embrace this movement. I have filled the OSGG donors list in fovor of my home LGA in Eketi State. Mrs Remi Ojo, Loc.- Nigeria. Mar 10, 2015
I wish OSGG can come up on TV and Radio to publicize its website and attract followers. I wish i can help to meet someone in the newspaper print media to do a free halfpage advert for OSGG. Almitghty Jehova God will help and lead us to genuine people for help. Okonkwo Silvanus, Loc.- Nigeria. Mar 13, 2015
Keep up this fight we shall win someday in Allah's grace. ameen. Na'alla Mammud, Loc.- Nigeria. Mar 19, 2015
Pls make sure the Quarterly report comes out. This is the most practical way to arrest corruption and Stealing at the grass root level. Tku. Bro. Samuel Akinlaja, Loc.- Nigeria. Mar 20, 2015
Please make sure the quarterly report is detailed without fear or favor. Nigerians are standingup and standing behind OSGG. God bless OSGG and God bless Nigerians with the boldness to support OSGG and finally, God bless Nigeria in Jesus name, say amen.amen Pastor Oluwashina James, Loc.- Nigeria. Mar 22, 2015
Your organisation was born at the right time to help our President,President Mohammed Buhari to fight the mess has been going on in this country. The President cannot fight it alone. We will fight this mess to a stand still. OSGG, More grease to your elbow. Sunday. Loc.- Nigeria. April 2, 2015
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