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All hail the power of Jesus name. The lord has a good programme for Nigeria and all things worket for good at God's time. The incoming goverment needs your movement as a partner in the fight against C&S. I am OSGG supporter. I have filled the Donors item list. Alhaji Lateef Oladele. Loc.- Nigeria. April 4, 2015
This is a welcome project that looks we are now ready to fight corruption and stealing in Niaja. I will be your active member. I have filled the OSGG youth membership list. Ms Roseline Okoro. Loc.- Nigeria. April 5, 2015
This is a phenomena idea to stop corruption and stealing in Nigeria. We desire the management of OSGG push the campaign and orientation to Primary Schools. Tijani Iyemifokhae. Loc.- Nigeria. April 20, 2015
I pray the incoming Buhari Government will see OSGG as partners in progress and support this movement as complimentary to its cardinal objectives. They should also know that , you cannnot use dirty water to wash any cloth to become clean. EFCC & ICPC are already contaminated with C&S. Let an NGO like OSGG be supported by Nigerians to drive and fight this society evil vices of C&S. Prophet Amos Shobomi. Loc.- Nigeria. April 22, 2015
With what i see in the OSGG Quarterly Report and Green-Spider activities of reporting GSAN activities weekly, I believe Corruption and Stealing must go down. I pledge my support for OSGG, and i can't wait for this movement to start moving. God bless Nigeria. Dr Humphrey Umudike. Loc.- Nigeria. April 25, 2015
Please when will OSGG get good publicity and start operating ? I can't wait to give you guys info about chop-chop Nigerians i know of. Wahab Ishaq, Loc.- Ilorin-Nigeria. May 4, 2015
I have read most comments people have posted and amhappy that Nigerians are expectig and ready to partake in the anti crusade of OSGG. Please let us move into action by reporting in the next quarter. That way we are rated as Nigerian local TI Jimmy Luckyday. Loc.- Nigeria. May 15, 2015
Are you people sure you can really carry out this project, am waiting to join this movement . Mrs Mabel Azinge. Loc.- Nigeria. June 10, 2015
Which way Nigeria. Can you people fight C &S. Nigeria is full of people with several faces. I pray God will be with you in OSGG. I will actively join when i see that you are really active. Pst Ororo Okoh. Loc.- Nigeria. July 25, 2015
Please let this movement compliment the President Buhari CHANGE agenda. You people at OSGG seem to have the same principle to stop corruption and stealing. God help us in Nigeria. Ms Julieth Anyanwu. Loc.- Nigeria. August 3, 2015
Walahi if OSGG can do what i see in this website, then C & S will reduce drastically. I will support with materials and information to Green-spider Malam Kabiru Abdulahi. Loc. - Nigeria. August 16, 2015
Please when will the President launch this project. This is whart this country want now. Rev. Amos Ganana. Loc. - Nigeria. August 28, 2015
Please can you link Prof Sagay's committee to embrace your framework on how to practically reduce or stop C & S. God bless Nigeria. Dr Maxwell Ogbonna. Loc.- Ghana. August 31, 2015
This noble movement withthis type of frame work to reduce stealing in Nigeria need a lot of publicity so more people can by aware of OSGG . please go to radio and Tv to raise awareness and membership. I have decided to send N10,000 to Zeith bank account for Wrist bangles for the youths in my LGA, Awka South of Anambra state. Deaconess Mrs Ruth Okafor. Loc. - Loc. Nigeria. Sept. 1, 2015
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